Being a Reporter

I have to admit, it’s taken some time to adjust to being a newspaper journalist.

I’m used to the things I write being sent to an organization’s group of supporters or perhaps printed in a newspaper or posted on a website.

It raises the bar to a whole new level when you know there is a good chance your neighbor, auto-mechanic, dentists, librarian —everyone, is reading your story from yesterday.

I love never knowing exactly what the day is going to bring and after less than two months, I’ve already interviewed so many interesting people and been able to see things I never would have seen.

It hasn’t been a transition just for me. My friends and family are still getting used to having a reporter around.

The day my first article was printed, my grandma had already recycled her paper and was half way through buying her weekly groceries before someone stopped her to tell her my name was on the front page.

She rushed home to pull her paper out of the recycling only to find the truck had already come and carried it away. Thank heavens her neighbor down the hall in her apartment building still had a copy for her to read.

The instant my 19 year-old cousin from Kansas City heard that I worked at the Globe, he had a new holiday goal. This year, instead of trying to be the “Risk” champion of the family, he was determined to witty, clever or ridiculous enough to see his name in print in the newspaper.

Never mind he’d only been to Worthington a handful of times and certainly never read the Daily Globe in his life. The gauntlet had been thrown down and he was determined to succeed.

Every time I walked into the room, (not so subtle) hints were dropped, loud stories told, and prepared antics put on display.

By the end of the evening, I’m not sure who enjoyed the show more —me or my 6 year old cousin who quickly joined in on the fun.

My friends have also gotten a few laughs over the imagined threat that anything they say is now article fodder for my next story.

Slightly questionable content is always followed by “Oh! I guess I should be careful what I say, shouldn’t I!”

On the other hand, my cousin did just make it into this blog post, so perhaps the threat of seeing your name in print isn’t as imagined as I led them to believe.


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  • We are glad to have you here at the Daily Globe! Your friends will get used to you writing about them eventually :)