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Watching the World

When I was living in Nicaragua, I worked at a small university that was a forty-five minute bus ride away from my house. Every day, I would shut down my computer, say goodbye to my co-workers and catch the 119 back home. If I was lucky, I would get a seat, if not, I would […]

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Being a Local

When I travel, I like to settle into where ever I am. Week-long vacations are fun, but its hard for me to say I know a place in such a short amount of time. I like finding a favorite coffee shop, the best place to read in the library and shortest path to the nearest […]

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Crossing Sides

At church, my family is left-siders. We always have been, and we always will be. I don’t know if it’s because our church is Lutheran, or if it’s because most of our forefathers were German, but every family has their unofficial, assigned seats. Deviating from your assigned seat is always noted — at least by […]

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Little Lies

Two weeks ago, I told a lie. And then, to make the first one fit, I told a couple more. They were small, little half-truths, but as everyone mother has told them — a lie is a lie, no matter how small. But, sometimes surprises require a bit of fudging the truth. Actually, there was […]

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Greener Grass

I had always believed that growing up on a farm made me a stronger person. For as long as I can remember, helping with chores after school and on weekends was expected. Summertime meant freedom from school, but it also meant picking rock, helping with livestock, weeding the garden and mowing the lawn. Our farm […]

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Almost Summer

When I was in elementary school, the end of the year was heralded by Track and Field Day, Pet Day (I’ll never forget the year someone’s sheep got loose, and all the dads had to chase it through the streets of Fulda) and a school field trip. For my eighth grade year, we took a […]

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Three years ago, I decided to start a garden. After a job in Scotland fell through, I had no job prospects and instead entertained naive illusions of herbs, flowers and vegetables springing up at the merest touch of my green thumb and afternoons at farmers markets selling my produce to impressed buyers. Never mind that […]

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A year ago, I was far away from home. I was living in a little room in Managua with a tin roof and a hole in the wall large enough for stray cats to leave foot prints on my bed. As part of my job, I often went to communities hidden deep in the mountains […]

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A Minnesota Parable

More than two weeks after the snow and ice storm hit the Worthington area, things are almost back to normal and stories are starting to be passed around. Already the storm has become come a “do you remember” event. Years from now, when we’re all a little bit older and a little bit grayer, we’ll […]

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Too Close To Possible

With our rotation of staff and guest writers, each of us in the newsroom write a blog post for the paper about every week and a half. Since my last blog was published on March 19, my turn came up again on Monday. Aside from waking up my brother with “You’re going to be late […]

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